There's a ton of pics, so give 'em time to load.
Scroll down as they load up...

Look, I'll burp when I burp, ok?

The itsy bitsy spider...


Not so easy to cross your legs anymore is it dad?

Coochie coochie coo!

C'mon dad, people are watching

So much for red-eye reduction

Yeah, the neck muscles will develop one of these days

Here's my favorite uncle!

And here's my favorite aunt!

Weird, they always seem to have this little glimmer
in their eyes when they look at me.

Here's my grandma and grandpa Fairchild!

Mom's obsession #1

Mom's obsession #2

Mom's obsession #3
What the hell is that shadow?

Mom's obsession #4

Are we done yet?

Awww, go on!

Y'know mom, they have this thing called a stroller...

Trying to sleep here, hello?

At least turn off the flash uncle Scott! Sheesh



I love milksicles!
[Shameless plug: buy Neogen stock]

My room!

My bed!

Nobody tell mom that I really don't like Winnie the Pooh ok?

Yesiree, I'll grow out of these in no time!

Ok, take a deep breath and prepare to run the cutie gauntlet!


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