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Jared's 8th Birthday (posted Mar '13)
Birthday party for our biggest boy, sledding fun

Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Fun (posted Mar '13)
Halloween, Cousin Ethan's birthday, deer collision, Xmas, Jared's (actual) 8th birthday

Goodbye Gigi (posted Mar '13)
Auction & last stand at the Gray homestead

Devin's 4th Birthday (posted Mar '13)
Devin's big day, Hesston Steam Museum, Prepping for auction at Gigi's, another Devin party

Cousin Sarah's & Jimmy's Wedding (posted Mar '13)
Nuptials in Connecticut

Summer Fun 2012 Part 3 (posted Mar '13)
Pets, !Flanders Elementary, Daddy's childhood house

Summer Fun 2012 Part 2 (posted Mar '13)
Lemonade stand, Michigan Renaissance Festival '13

Summer Fun 2012 (posted Mar '13)
Last picture with Great Grandma Shirley :(, Cedar Point, underwater

Spring Fun 2012 (posted Mar '13)
Day out with Thomas '13, little league, Waukesha Lego store grand opening, Gigi's, the beach, school fun run

Early 2012 Fun (posted Mar '13)
Bronners, motorcycling, kitties, hail, ducks, Cousin Samantha's birthday, Detroit Tigers

Winter Fun 2012 Part 2 (posted Mar '12)
Jared's first concert, snow fun

Winter Fun 2012 (posted Mar '12)
Liberty huge, Toledo Zoo, animals & baby tigers

Jared's 7th Birthday (posted Mar '12)
Visiting Great Grandma, presents, Angry Birds bowling party fun

Christmas 2011 (posted Mar '12)
Tree hunting, pony and wagon rides, flooded park, Milan Chamber Christmas, Santa, family and Devin crashing

Devin's 3rd Birthday (posted Mar '12)
Party fun, Great Wolf Lodge, Jared's class costume parade, Halloween

Fall Fun 2011 Part 3 (posted Mar '12)
Helicopters visit Milan, fire station open house, Jared flying

Fall Fun 2011 Part 2 (posted Mar '12)
Liberty growing more, Zucchini Brothers last performance, Michigan Reniassance Festival

Grandma & Grandpa's Gold (posted Mar '12)
Grandma Ginny & Grandpa Travis' 50th wedding anniversary

Fall Fun 2011 (posted Mar '12)
Liberty growing, Toledo Zoo, Jared jumping, 1st day of school (especially for Devin!)

Summer Fun 2011 Part 3 (posted Mar '12)
Rainy day, Greenfield Village, Philadelphia, Valley Forge, lots of history

2011 Thunder over Michigan Air Show Part 2 (posted Mar '12)
Combat, aerial shots and Blue Angel awesomeness

2011 Thunder over Michigan Air Show (posted Mar '12)
Planes, ground & elevated shots, rainy Blue Angels

Summer Fun 2011 Part 2 (posted Mar '12)
Jared riding bike (woo!), bowling, 4th of July parade, visiting Ohio to pick up Liberty, backyard fun

Summer Fun 2011 (posted Mar '12)
Pony rides, baby bird, visiting Great Grandma & Wisconsin Dells, school trip to Toledo Zoo

Day out with Thomas 2011 (posted Mar '12)
Greenfield Village, woodchips, Jared T-ball, goodbye to our wonderful kitty Tequila

Spring Fun 2011 (posted Sep '11)
Jared's 1st tooth, Daddy's California trip, Easter

Year's End 2010 and Year's Beginning 2011 (posted Sep '11)
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Jared's 6th Birthday

Fall Fun 2010 Part 2 (posted May '11)
Backyard fun, Devin's 2nd birthday, miscellaneous and NPR #765 visits Milan

Fall Fun 2010 (posted May '11)
Jared's 1st day of Kindergarden, Devin's 1st haircut, Wisconsin Dells, fall harvest (literally)

2010 Michigan Renaissance Festival (posted Apr '11)
Boys, Zucchini Brothers and birds

2010 Thunder over Michigan Air Show (posted Mar '11)
Yankee Air Museum - Willow Run Airport, Yspilanti, MI

Summer Fun 2010 Part 2 (posted Nov '10)
Resident mantis, new truck, mini golf & go-karts, Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

Summer Fun 2010 (posted Oct '10)
BBQ, Lancaster, PA, Dutch Wonderland, Delaware visit

Jared's Preschool Graduation (posted Oct '10)
Jared's big day, Potter Park Zoo, Boy's Day 2010

Spring Fun 2010 Part 3 (posted Oct '10)
Family fun in Lansing, backyard fun, Paddock farm night, Flanders Elementary closes, Tecumseh Memorial Day parade

Spring Fun 2010 Part 2 (posted Sep '10)
Jared's Trike-A-Thon, Devin's new big-boy bed, Day out with Thomas

Spring Fun 2010 (posted Sep '10)
Devin, new pergola, Henry Vilas Zoo, Easter at Great Grandma's

Jared's 5th Birthday (posted Feb '10)
Boys, snow angels, Jared's big day, Devin cuteness

Winter Fun 2010 (posted Feb '10)
Toledo Zoo, Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Christmas 2009 (posted Feb '10)
Devin escaping crib, boys, boys and more boys, Legos, Christmas!

Fall Fun 2009 Part 2 (posted Nov '09)
Ethan's birthday, new kitchen island, Jared's (almost) 5th birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas tree hunting

Halloween 2009 (posted Nov '09)
Trick or treating downtown Milan & at home, Cedar Point

Devin's First Birthday! (posted Nov '09)
Devin's big day, spooky Greenfield Village, castle Lego!

Fall Fun 2009 (posted Nov '09)
Great Wolf Lodge, trains, NPR #765, Devin cuteness

Summer Fun 2009 Part 6 (posted Oct '09)
Monroe County Fair, Michigan Renaissance Festival, Wisconsin

Summer Fun 2009 Part 5 (posted Oct '09)
Our boys, visiting up north, Junction Valley Railroad

Berkshire 765 Visits Milan (posted Sep '09)
Probably the coolest day ever in our fair city

Thunder over Michigan 2009 Air Show (posted Sep '09)
The 2009 air show at Willow Run Airport

Summer Fun 2009 Part 4 (posted Sep '09)
Devin's first train and carousel rides plus some backyard fun

Summer Fun 2009 Part 3 (posted Jul '09)
Backyard wildlife, Mother's Day & Father's Day

Summer Fun 2009 Part 2 (posted Jul '09)
New playhouse for the boys, Devin's first swim!

Summer Fun 2009 (posted Jul '09)
Devin's first crawl! Memorial day parade, Milan helicopter visit

The Toledo Zoo (posted Jul '09)
Walk where the wild ones are

Day out with Thomas 2009 (posted May '09)
Jared's favorite day in Greenfield Village, Devin's first meal!

Cousin Samantha's 8th Birthday (posted May '09)
Samantha's 8th birthday party, dinner in Lansing

Easter 2009 (posted May '09)
General cuteness, Easter bunny fun

Visiting Lots of Stuff (posted May '09)
Chi-town model railroad, Bronner's, Henry Ford Museum

Winter Stuff 2009 (posted May '09)
UofMichigan Natural History Museum, finished bathroom downstairs

Jared's 4th Birthday (posted Jan '09)
Jared's big day, baby Devin cuteness, potpourri

RETRO: Salem & Gloucester, MA 2001 (circa Sep '01)
One of the cooler PK (pre-kids) summer vacations we took

Baby's First Christmas (posted Jan '09)
Christmas prep, Christmas in Lansing, Devin's first Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2008 (posted Jan '09)
Devin's first trip out of state, Wisconsin fun, Christmas tree hunting

Halloween 2008 (posted Dec '08)
Halloween spookiness, Ethan's 5th birthday party, Devin cuteness

Fall Fun 2008 Part 2 (posted Oct '08)
Huge wasp nest, Milan homecoming parade, pumpkin patch, Devin meeting the family in Lansing

Fall Fun 2008 (posted Sep '08)
Jared's first day of preschool, Clinton Fall Fest & parade

Summer Fun 2008 Part 3 (posted Aug '08)
New deck, kid's concert in the park, Greenfield Village, slip n' slide

Summer Fun 2008 Part 2 (posted Aug '08)
Iargo Springs, Michigan Lumberman's Monument, boating on Indian Lake

4th of July 2008 (posted Aug '08)
AuSable Valley Railroad, Lone Ranger, John Wayne, fireworks in Tawas City

Summer Fun 2008 (posted Jun '08)
Calder Dairy, new stairs for the deck

Wisconsin Visit (posted Jun '08)
Great Grandma's, Wisconsin Deer Park, Riverside and Great Northern Railway

Day out with Thomas (posted Jun '08)
Thomas the Tank engine & some other stuff

Easter 2008 and Spring Fun (posted Jun '08)
Easter (home & Lansing), Samantha's 7th birthday party

Jared's 3rd Birthday (posted Feb '08)
Snow & party at Chuck E Cheese's

Christmas 2007 (posted Feb '08)
Milan holiday parade, Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village & Potter Park Zoo in Lansing

November 2007 Fun (posted Feb '08)
Ethan's 4th birthday party, turkey, yum

October 2007 Fun (posted Feb '08)
Swimming in the fall! Halloween goodness

Great-Grandma Shirley's 90th Birthday (posted Sep '07)
Lots of family!

Summer Fun 2007 Part 3 (posted Sep '07)
Illinois Railway Museum, Donley's Wild West Town, Michigan Renaissance Festival, raspberries

Summer Fun 2007 Part 2 (posted Sep '07)
North American Model Train Show, Wisconsin Dells

Summer Fun 2007 (posted Jul '07)
Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum, family up north & backyard landscaping

Easter and Day out with Thomas (posted May '07)
Easter, snippet of Bronner's in Frankenmuth & Thomas!

Miscellaneous Fun (posted May '07)
Trains, fun, food & Calder Dairy

Trains and Wisconsin (posted Mar '07)
Train show & Wisconsin fun in the winter

Winter Fun 2007 (posted Mar '07)
Jared's first haircut, snow fun, UM Natural History Museum & trains!

Jared's 2nd Birthday (posted Jan '07)
Party at home, Red Robin & the family

Christmas 2006 (posted Jan '07)
Setting up the tree, cousins & presents!

Thanksgiving 2006 (posted Jan '07)
Playroom, turkey & Christmas tree shopping

Halloween 2006 (posted Oct '06)
Spooky decorations, trick or treating & jack o' lanterns

Fall Stuff 2006 (posted Oct '06)
New shed, fire, playing, Omar's wedding & Wisconsin stuff

Summer Vacation 2006 Part 2 (posted Aug '06)
Williamsburg & Jamestown VA, Calder Dairy

Summer Vacation 2006 (posted Aug '06)
Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire, Rehoboth Beach, tons of family in Delaware & Ocean City, MD

4th of July 2006 and Family (posted Jul '06)
Milan parade, fireworks & lemonade stand fun

Jared's First Swim! (posted Jul '06)
Dressing up, splashing & floating fun

Miscellaneous Jared (posted Jul '06)
A bunch of different pics

Easter 2006 (posted Jul '06)
Celebrated in Wisconsin with Grandma

Family, Friends and Miscellaneous (posted Mar '06)
Jared's birthing class, visiting cousins & trains

Jared Turns One Year Old! (posted Jan '06)
A big Thomas the Tank Engine party!

Baby's First Christmas (Delaware) (posted Jan '06)
Lots of East-coast family

Baby's First Christmas (Michigan) (posted Jan '06)
Milan parade & lots of holiday fun

Thanksgiving 2005 (posted Jan '06)
Celebrated in Wisconsin plus bonus: Tupperware!

Halloween 2005 and Family (posted Nov '05)
Our little clown baby & Ethan's 2nd birthday

Our New Home (posted Oct'05)
Home sweet home

Family and Cedar Point Pics (posted Oct '05)
Baby sitting up, family visiting, Chuck's 40th & Cedar Point

Frankenmuth and More Wisconsin (posted Aug '05)
John & Marge visit plus Wisconsin fun

4th of July 2005 (posted Jul '05)
The Thomas', fireworks & first feeding for Jared

Daddy's First Father's Day (posted Jun '05)
Lots of baby plus bare butt!

Mama's First Mother's Day (posted May '05)
Shared with friends & family

Jared's First Delaware Visit (posted Apr '05)
Meeting all his loving family on the East coast

Jared's First Wisconsin Visit (posted Mar '05)
Meeting Great Grandma Shirley plus birthing class reunion

A Growing Baby (posted Mar '05)
All sorts of goofy baby pics

Even More Jared (posted Feb '05)
Can't get enough?

More Jared and Baby Shower (posted Feb '05)
Jared meeting family and friends for the first time

Bob Askey visits the WCLBPD (posted May '03)
Tara's favorite audio-book reader

Williamsburg & Yorktown, Virginia (posted Oct '02)
One of Daddy's favorite places to visit

Salem & Gloucester, Massachusetts (posted Sep '01)
One of the cooler PK (pre-kids) summer vacations we took

Our Wonderful Boys!

Jared Scott Fairchild

Go State!
Devin Chase Fairchild

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Portraits (posted Oct '14)
Nicer pictures of the family

Ralph W. Gray & Shirley M. Gray
(1/12/20 - 3/1/04)   (9/6/17 - 8/23/2012)
Scott's Maternal Grandparents

Liberty Belle
Our sweet girl

Our wonderful old girl

Woodworking Projects (posted Nov '09)
One of daddy's many hobbies

Fairchild Junction (posted Jul '09)
Our O-scale model ceiling train railway

Scott's Cycle Corner

Cedarworks Play-A-Round Playset Swing Set
The boys' play structure

Sound Clips
Audio snippets

Fairchild Cove
Our pond that we had at our old house

The Great Flood of 2003
Great fun when heavy rainwater backs up

First Fire of 2003
Some cool fire pics from 2003

The Great Yellow Jacket Massacre of 2002
An epic battle of man (and chemicals) vs. nature

Our Other Babies
Our kitties

Welcome Ethan Charles Bird
Our nephew

Matt Tobin's Wedding
Scott was the best man

Welcome Samantha Renee Bird
Our niece

Our Wedding
June 12th, 1999


Grilled Turkey

Turkey Gravy

Savory Custard Stuffing

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